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Avoid Future Headaches & Get Your Books Set-up RIGHT the FIRST Time!!!

QuickBooks is a very user-friendly software that is made for small business owners who may have limited knowledge of accounting. It is the best small business accounting software available to small business owners; however, because of its ease of use, it can also easily become messy and inaccurate.

As Southern Utah’s QuickBooks Experts, we work with QuickBooks on a daily basis. Our most popular service is our 2-hour onsite appointments where we get to troubleshoot and answer questions on a one-on-one basis with our client. It is amazing how many problems we can find in our 2-hour appointment. Most of the time, they are ongoing problems that have been stressing the small business owner out for months, or maybe even years! And do you know what they ALWAYS say to us? “I wish I would have had you come out when I was first setting up my books; it would have saved me lots of time and headaches!”

Need we say more? Take advice from one small business owner to another and hire an accounting & QuickBooks Expert to get your books set-up RIGHT the FIRST Time…you won’t regret it!

What We Will Accomplish at Your QuickBooks Set-up:

  • Set up your Chart of Accounts so they are applicable to YOUR business and how YOU want to evaluate the numbers
  • Review the 100 CRITICAL FUNCTIONS in your business and decide HOW we want to track them
  • Set-up all bank accounts and credit card accounts correctly and with correct beginning balances
  • Set-up Equity accounts properly and make sure you understand HOW & WHEN to use them
  • Create items for your products and services and map them to the correct tracking accounts
  • Set-up Sales Tax tracking & taxable & non-taxable customers properly
  • Evaluate current Payroll needs and assist in setting that service up
  • Set-up accounts for all of the business assets and liabilities that should be on the books
  • Set-up “best practices” to help you streamline your accounting process

What It Will Cost You:

For most small businesses, we can help you set-up your QuickBooks RIGHT in about 3 hours. For this amount of time, we have a special value 3-hour On-site QuickBooks Set-up Price of $200 (normal hourly rates are $75).

Next Step:

When you are ready to set-up an appointment to get your QuickBooks Set-up Right – click here and fill out the online request for an appointment. One of our QuickBooks Experts will call you within 24 hours. Or, call our office at (435) 635-7775.


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