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Why we need marketing!!!

June 17, 2009

One of my fellow Duct Tape Marketing coaches shared this video with me and I thought it was great and had to share. It is starting to become the new vendor-client relationship. Which side do you fall on?


It is sad to say, but how many of you have had a conversation like this in the past few months? I know I have.

I have had at least one of these conversations a week for the past month.  And let me tell you, it gets old quick. I mean, come on...if you don't want to pay for work that you got done then you should have done it yourself!

The other clip I love is the one about asking people to work for free. Who in their right mind wants to work and not get paid? Sadly, I have really seen a lot of businesses in the construction industry get taken advantage of with the down turn in the economy. It's sad because just because things are slow doesn't mean that the ones left don't have families to feed.

Lesson learned...the key to successful businesses is to create win-win relationships for everyone involved. You shouldn't be trying to put your vendors out of business!

I work with one business owner in particular and his goal is for everyone in and around his business to get rich. It is amazing to see the difference in his business compared to others. When things go wrong, his employees and vendors are more willing to work things out because they all know they are in it together.

On the other hand, the ones that don't run their business like this are in trouble either way. If times get good, they will jump on the first thing that is better then what they have and if things start to go bad they have no loyalty from their customers, vendors or employees.

My goal is to build a company and a life that helps everyone around me meet their financial goals and think on a higher level. If this sounds like your cup of tea, let's do lunch and talk about it - (and, of course, pay for it!)

-Troy Braithwaite
Utah’s Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach

Quote of the Day: "Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts." -Sy Wise


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