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Accounting FAQ's

Q. Why should I hire you instead of an in-house or independent bookkeeper?

A. With an in-house bookkeeper, you are paying more for a less qualified accountant. Then you add additional overhead including: payroll costs, office space, software, benefits, training, internal controls, etc. Finding qualified accounting specialists with the the same experience and expertise as our AB Acccountants is difficult. With AB Acccountants you are getting professional accounting experts who specialize in knowing your financial needs. Plus, you are only paying for the time it takes to get the job done.

With an independent bookkeeper, you usually pay for the time they work on your accounting; however, we have found that most independent bookkeepers get very busy and are hard to get in touch with when you need them. With AB Acccountants, you are getting a team of professionals that are easily accessible at all times and are always there when you need them.

Q. How can outsourcing my accounting to you, help me manage my business better?

A. By outsourcing your accounting, your company can eliminate a complicated and lengthy hiring / training process which can cost you valuable time and money. Or, if you have been doing the accounting yourself, you can finally free up time to focus on things more important to you and your business. You’ll be able to make informed decisions based on more than just your cash balance at the bank.

Q. How much do your accounting services cost?

A. That depends. Since it is accounting that is customized to your small business, the cost is also customized to your business. It is dependent on two factors: how complex and time-consuming your accounting is and how much we are doing for you. All of our “peace of mind” services are billed on a fixed monthly price that is agreed upon before we start working for you. That way, you are not guessing how much your accountant is going to cost each month.

Q. With your name being Affordable Business Solutions, are you the most affordable?

A. Depends on your definition of “affordable”. If you base “affordable” solely on price; than you will always find someone more expensive and possibly less expensive than we are for your marketing and/or accounting needs. However, if you are basing affordability on value; yes, we are the most affordable. AB Solutions has systems in place that are proven and effective making it so you can’t afford not to. With AB Solutions, you can grow your business with a solid foundation and reach the ultimate goal of most small business owners: freedom.

Q. Can my wife and I just do the accounting?

A. Yes you can. But first, let me give you the number of a really good marriage counselor. No really, you can go this route; however, you need to be qualified, WANT to do it, and have the time to dedicate to your accounting needs. If this works for you, great. You can hit the road running by staying up-to-date and sign-up for our support services or quickbooks set-up. This will guarantee that it is done correctly. If your not qualified or accounting is not your thing, don’t even try. Avoid the nightmare of trying to do it yourself and then having to pay more to have it cleaned up.

Q. I’ve never had up-to-date accounting records before, how will it help me run my business better?

A. Unfortunately, because most small business owners don’t know accounting, they don’t utilize their numbers like they should. What they don’t realize is numbers don’t lie. They may be really busy and have no money in the bank. Where should they look for the reason why: their financials. It’s amazing the things you can find out about your business by just analyzing and consistently looking at the numbers. We can help you figure out why you don’t have money in the bank, which jobs you are making money on, which ones you are losing on, and how high gas prices are affecting your bottomline, just to name a few.

"Affordable Bookkeeping should be called, “Affordable, Convenient, & Punctual Bookkeeping.” We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Affordable Bookkeeping. They have always exceeded our expectations. They have been great to constantly visit us and offer guidance on all of our accounting needs. AB completes all of our requests in a timely manner and as expected. We highly recommend AB."

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