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Accounting Case Studies

Firm: Construction Contractor

Problem: Was very busy but had no money in the bank

Tracked expenses and income by job to see which ones were most profitable
Broke down expenses per day for bidding purposes
Allocated overhead per job and included items such as depreciation on equipment, to get an accurate picture of ALL costs associated with running the business

Found out that contractor was not charging enough to cover all of his overhead costs
Found out which type of jobs were profitable and which ones were not
Started charging more per job and only took the jobs that would be profitable
Had less jobs and more money in the bank

  Track Expenses

Firm: General Contractor

Problem: Had a bookkeeper they couldn’t get a hold of or get any information out of.   Bookkeeper

Gained Access to Accounting experts that are easy to get a hold of
Cleaned and updated their set of books.
Went paperless so information could be sent back and forth quicker

An increased awareness of their financial situation
Ability to make more wise and sound financial decisions
Peace of mind that their financial information is being done correctly and is easily accessible
Easier to get financing and funding from lenders with clean and up-to-date financials


Firm: Medical Practice

Problem: Cash Management – bills were getting paid late; were paying hundreds of dollars in bounced check fees.   Cash Management

Solution: Paid the bills in order of priority
Only paid as many bills as there was money in the bank
Spoke with vendors directly to keep them informed

No NSF charges
Got past due balances caught up in 3 months
Happier Vendors that were easier to work with
Less stress for the business owners


"I can’t afford not to have Affordable Bookkeeping involved in my small business. They are professional, responsive, excellent listeners, and thorough. They provide ongoing education as they walk me through the process. I recommend their services to anyone who need quality bookkeeping."

Geoff Steurer
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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